Join us For the Month of March!



Wanting to stay motivated, supported and have fun doing it??
Meet Your Fitness & Wellness Goals with our 'March Maddness' Challenge 
this Month and  WIN some great Prizes for it!

Here are two ways you can win....

1. Complete our FITNESS BINGO CONTEST by attending as many (better yet, ALL) of the studio classes offered at HFF in 1 month! 

You'll get to meet all of our great instructors, try new classes you've never done before and be encouraged to keep your workouts exciting & ever- changing so you dont get bored or hit a plateau!

             2. Participate in the HYDRATE LOG by recording how much water you intake daily in an effort to meet your personal hydration needs every day! Each participant will have their hydration needs calculated by HFF staff to determine what the best amount is for them. Water is the only essential liquid we need, it's vital to our health so get on board!

~Whomever attends the most (or ALL) of the fitness classes on the HFF Studio Schedule in March will Win a Free Month Membership to HFF.

~Whomever meets their daily H2O goals & records in the Online Log will have a chance to win a Voucher for future challenges & a goodie basket!

*See official rules below*

All You have to Do is Register Here 
Or In Person At the Studio!

$10 per person to Register
All Ages Welcome!
You Do NOT Need to Be A Member
of the Hayward Fitness Fanatics Studio!
Sign up Alone or with a Friend

Challenge Yourself to Fitness in March Ya'll!


1. Register Online or In Studio By March 5th

2. Pay $10 In Studio or Online

3. Come to Our Free Workout Kickoff Party Saturday March 2nd

4. Check Your Email for Notes & Updates Related to the Challenge

5. Download your BINGO CARD (see link below) and attend as many different classes as possible on the Schedule. Have the instructor INITIAL your card for that class to prove you were in attendance! 

6. Report your Water intake on the Online Spreadsheet daily! Only water (not coffee, soft drinks, 'enhanced' waters like Propel or Gatorade)

Finally, Engage in our Closed Facebook Group - we will be posting updates and support for all of our challengers to stay motivated and connected!

Other Quick Notes:

Winners of the Fitness Bingo Contest will be Announced April 1st. The person with the MOST classes attended on their bingo card will recieve 1 Free Month Membership to HFF Studio (can be used at anytime). If there are multiple people who fill the entire bingo card, their names will be entered into a drawing where 1 person will win the 1 Free Month Membership. 

In order to be entered into the drawings for the Hydration Contest, you must complete your daily log online. At the end of the month, everyone who met their daily intake needs will be entered into a drawing to win a $25 Voucher for future studio Challenges. a FREE month at the Hayward Fitness Fanatics studio.

Click the Facebook Icon to Be Taken To Our Closed Group: