~This story actually begins several years ago, about 10 to be exact when I decided out of high school to pursue a career in Health Promotion & Physical Education. The challenges began after graduation when I moved back to my rural hometown of Hayward, WI where I would try to find a job in a post-recession world. I began teaching group fitness classes and hosting personal training sessions anywhere I could find! The school cafeteria, churches, parks, playgrounds - you name it I've probably done a push up there! Through that time, Hayward Fitness Fanatics was born!

Fast forward almost 7 years later and I opened a fitness studio dedicated to fitness classes, dance and personal training. Along with other wonderful and passionate yoga teachers, fitness instructors and dance teachers we created a physical location for Fitness Fanatics to meet up and it has been such a wild, wonderful experience!

Like many who come to blogging, I want to exploit my succeses and my failures. I want to take you inside Fitness Fanatics to show you how it all comes together! ENJOY!

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