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Private Classes, Lessons & More!

We love to meet your individual, small and large group needs with private classes, parties and lessons. 

Everything from yoga, personal training and fitness classes for bridal showers, family reunions, or just individual interests - we love to accommodate you!

On site at our studio or at your cabin, campground, workplace we will travel!


Contact Nicole to set up private yoga classes, fitness classes or special party events!  

*See Our Rates & Packages Page for Pricing Details

Fitness Evaluations

Consultations are here you can discuss your fitness goals and expectations. Based on this, along with your health and fitness history, will be able to make recommendations on future exercise program options. 


Exercise evaluations are not required but act as an excellent tool for motivation and understanding your unique fitness level. Completing an assessment of your fitness before and after a fitness program allows you and your trainer to track your progress and modify your plan to make you more successful!


Fitness Evaluations Include Pre and Post Measures of Cardiovascular Fitness, Muscular Strength/Endurance, Flexibility and Body Composition.


1 Hour Pre & 1 Hour Post = $60.00

Diet Analysis
Having a better understanding of the body's nutritional needs is imperative to gaining optimal health. Nicole can help you document and assess your current diet and provide you with clear and realistic advice to improve your dietary habits.



30 Minute Interview/Consultation = FREE

Diet Analysis & Re-Meet = $45.00


Youth and Adult Dance Lessons

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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not fit enough to do classes in a group yet, what should I do?

SAY WHAT?!? No No No, there is no such thing! First, take a deep breath and smile .... EVERYONE is welcome at our studio - we do not judge. Remember it is our passion to help you reach your goals! When you walk in you may be surprised to see men and women of all shapes, abilities, personalities and talents! We are a eclectic bunch and likely you'll fit right in! If you would like to know what classes are best for beginners, just ask one of the instructors and they will help you find which class is best for you to start with!

How do I get on your email notification list?

Easy! Just email Nicole at and she will add you to the email list for class updates, cancellations and info! Please note: make sure that our emails are not going into your spam file and making it to your inbox! We also use Mail Chimp for updating class schedules which may also be in your SPAM.

How do I know if I should purchase a punch card, monthly membership or drop in?

The punch cards are the most popular purchased method - they are great for those who attend classes weekly for a 2-4 month period. The monthly memberships are the best bang for your buck if you intend to participate on a 2-3x/week basis! The drop in is best for those who look to attend classes on occasion and dont want any commitment involved. 

If I purchase a punch card, can I only use the punches for one specific class?

You have the flexibility to use your membership or punches for ANY CLASS with ANY INSTRUCTOR! We want to encourage you to try all the classes and make them work into your schedule so you never go a week without exercise!

How do I pay for classes/personal training? Do you work with insurance?

Just come to the studio where you can work out the purchase of your membership or card directly with one of our instructors - we accept cash or check only. We do not work with insurances, however many policies allow you to submit proof from your personal trainer or fitness club that you attended exercise classes. Just contact Nicole and request she create for you a summary of your participation and you can send that onto your insurance for reimbursement! 

I'm going to be late for class OR I need to leave early, is that OK?

Not a problem! We just ask that you come and go quietly! We would rather have you for part of the class than not at all! Feel free to contact us in advance to let us know of your timing needs, otherwise just know we understand those things happen!

Is there a place for me to change/shower?
At our studio, we have one unisex bathroom & an additional changing room where you are welcome to change before and after class. Unfortunately, we do not have showers available at this time but hopefully as we grow we will someday be able to offer that for our clientele!

I'm a busy parent, do you offer childcare services?

Unfortunately, no we do not. In the past, we have given permission for parents to bring their kids and have them color or read while they attend class or join along. It would be appreciated if you contact the instructor prior and ask if they are comfortable with you bringing your child to class. We also ask that you consider whether your child would be a distraction to you and/or any other attendees before bringing them with you. Thank you for your understanding!

Do I need to sign up/register for classes before attending them?

Nope, you can just show up - even on short notice! We typically always have room, but in the event we become so popular and busy and oh my gosh, heaven forbid we FILL a class (haha) we will take first come first serve. We will do our best to make room for everyone! If however, we are offering a special workshop or event, we may ask that you register prior - it would say in the description!

What do I need to bring to class? 

We have some equipment for the classes, but most of the time people will bring their own mat. For specialty classes (such as step aerobics) there may be a request for attendees to bring their own equipment. Refer to the schedule for "BYO" requirements. Otherwise water bottle, towel and anything else you like to have is optional.

My punch card expired, can I have the expiration date changed? 

We get it, life gets crazy and we don't always have time to exercise. In the situation that you "just couldn't make it", we ask that you honor your expiration date and purchase a new membership/punch card. We will consider special cases (your broke your leg, death in the family, serious illness) and work with you to offer an alternative plan. We like to to host promotional periods throughout the year where you can re-use expired punch cards so keep watch for those!