Local Fitness

Find other local businesses, groups & trainers to help you meet your goals!

The mission of Fitness Fanatics has always been to promote various forms of staying active and healthy! Our community is fortunate to have many different businesses, professionals and groups devoted to keeping our community fit and healthy!
 We Support Them! 

Clubs & Businesses

Hayward Indoor Cycling Club

Fitness Instructors, Trainers & Coaches

Lynn Fitch

Zumba Certified

Catherine Bauer

Yoga Instructor

Mike McCusker

Northwoods Fitness, 

Personal Trainer

Dave & Darlene Prois

CrossCut CrossFit, Coaches

Erik Hansen

Indoor Cycling Instructor & Personal Trainer

Joan Shumway

Yoga Instructor

Monika Richter

True Form Fitness,

Personal Trainer

Ashley Shuman  

Beach Body Coach

Thom & Utina Malnourie

Crossfit Coaches